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Hola, Soy Dra. Andrea Ortega!

Bringing my knowledge to nonprofits of all sizes!

🎓 I hold  aPh.D. in Public Affairs, further deepening my understanding of the intricate workings of the nonprofit sector. I believe in continuous learning to be able to stay at the forefront of industry trends to serve your organization better.

With a passion for social impact and a wealth of academic and practical knowledge, I bring a unique blend of skills to empower your nonprofit. Whether you want to expand outreach, optimize operations, or enhance community engagement, I have the expertise to guide your organization toward success.

Andrea is sitting at her desk.
"Andrea's deep nonprofit expertise shines in her ability to effortlessly translate complex concepts into concise, actionable presentations and tools, empowering participants to take ownership of their learning."


Andrea is natural people leader. She is a great listener and strategizer. She is curious about reaching any organization's
goals and advocates for best interest and finding solutions. 


Andrea is the most open, honest, and transparent team leader I've ever had. She is fully committed to sharing what's going on as we need
to know, and giving us space to be vulnerable and open with her.

Meet Our Clients

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